what is The Future Garage?

What is The Future Garage?

It is a way of life, a brotherhood, not-so-secret secret society inevitably conceived by the minds of like-minded brothers seeking not just to live, but to live free

-from the constraints that the population, the government, the agencies, the bureaucrats, the corporate execs, the mothers, the cool kids place on the way that we get from place to place or place to nowhere.

It is the shave more to go fast, arrive slow to look good, think hard to ride easy residue–

–left from the ones who came before, the Steve McQueens, the Ace Cafés, the Jeremy Clarksons, the moonshine movers, the Greased Lightnings, the real-fine-409’s, the fast and the furious, the vanishing points, the Lemans Lovers, the Padock Playboys and Riviera Runners.

Welcome to The Future.

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