TW: I do the same things here that I do in the US

December 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Like take pictures of cars! Here are some white ones.

JDM-style MINI CooperS spotted near the Shi-Lin MRT station. I actually imagined building a MINI exactly like this one (all-white, bronze Volk TE-37’s) before I bought my grey one. I even Google’d “JDM Mini Cooper” and I couldn’t find anyone that had done it. I’m glad someone actually built this car, but I’m not glad they decided to also put pink rhinestones all over their MINI badges (sorry no pics).

GCB-chasis WRX spotted near my mom’s apartment. It was very, very clean with shaved badges and 18’s. Made me nostalgic for my old WRX. I soon learned who owned it…

My sister and I spent much of the day wandering around the area, and when we got back we stumbled upon a guy adjusting the coil-overs on his Miata.

Me: Hey! That guy is working on his car. I want to go talk to him.
Mei: Well…do you speak Chinese?
Me: [pause] [keeps walking]
Mei: That’s what I thought.

I was discouraged, but when I stepped back into my mom’s apartment, I thought, “How cool would it be to meet a car enthusiast from a different country?” I swallowed my pride and headed back out there to chat with him, ready to be rebuffed.

I spent the first five minutes staring at him as he worked on his car, and he spent those five minutes pretending to ignore me. But I knew that he was wondering why the hell this random dude was looking over his shoulder, and eventually he said, “can I help you?” In Chinese. I told him that I was on vacation from America and that I’m a big car enthusiast, and we ended up chatting about cars for over an hour. His name is Steven and he’s an interior designer. He was really friendly – he bought this NA Miata you see here as a fun car, but his main car is the black STi-swapped, Öhlins equipped Impreza wagon you see in the back. The white GCB WRX is his brother Kevin’s.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with Steven more over the next two weeks. Birds of a feather!


TW: Arrival

December 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

I just touched down in Taiwan about two hours ago. The flight was long, but with a little help from my friend Tylenol PM, I was able to take full-advantage of the red-eye and sleep for about ten of the fifteen hours. With the rest of the time I watched Ip Man 2 and finished editing some audio.

Ip Man 2 is well worth your time if you enjoy martial arts movies of any kind. Donnie Yen plays Ip Man, the founder of Wing Chun and master of Bruce Lee. His performance and martial arts prowess are flawless, and the choreography is top shelf. You might be a little bored with the predictable, martial arts movie format (the story is basically identical to Jet Li’s Fearless), but the story does a passable job of tying the fight scenes together. Contrast it to Ong-Bak 2 which, despite having gratuitous amounts of excellent martial arts, was completely nonsensical and unwatchable.

My only goal for today is staying awake, but if anything interesting happens I’ll be sure to post about it.


December 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dear friends,

I am almost finished with finals. Soon I’ll resume posting my inaccessibly technical blog posts. I’m leaving for Taiwan in four days (!) and I’ll try my best to document my adventures while I’m there.

Until then, happy holidays from the Chou kids. I love you all deeply and am looking forward to a wonderful 2011 filled with motorcycle riding, the California bar exam, and hopefully a Nurburgring trip!

show me your features

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Speed Racer teaches us what each of the steering wheel buttons on the Mach V do. At least one of these features will make it onto project hero. Which one do you want to see?


December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Arg finals! I don’t even have time to go out to the Future and jury-rig a charging solution for the FZR. But the pain will be over soon. Until then, three great roadside pictures from different eras. I hope to post these entire galleries up later for posterity:

balls (Ari Vatanen Isle of Man video)

November 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Holy crap, the driving in this clip is excellent but it’s the course that really amazes me. I’ve never seen a rally with such narrow lanes before. I’m shocked by the number of “maybes” in the course book too. Somehow I imagine that when you’re careening towards the side of a hill at 80 mph you don’t want any part of your navigator’s directions to include “maybe.”

Anyone who doesn’t get car sick (and has no fear of death) want to get into rally with me? Apparently all you need is a cheap e30


project hero: the cursing and swearing, it is starting

November 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Things that I succeeded in doing today: limiting my wrenching to ~1 hour.

Things that I did not succeed in doing today: figuring out where the goddamn voltage drop is, not swearing.

I am getting tired of messing around with these wires. Also, the repeated starting, idling, and revving of the bike is flooding my garage with aerated, unburnt gas. Even though I keep the garage door open I think it’s giving me insta-cancer. Tomorrow I will see if I can borrow my neighbor’s level again and do some work on the tool cabinet shelf. I need a break from this FZR600 charging problem.