Donor Mustang GT


This is the donor car, an excessively ugly 1985 Mustang GT.  This car had questionable seat belts, questionable brakes, and was dirtier than an abandoned slaughterhouse.  At WOT it ran like a scalded cat, but everywhere else it was a total piece of crap.  I traded it for a clean title 1988 Honda CBR Hurricane that I had fixed up for about $650, so I can’t ask for much.


There’s the lump.  1985 was one of two years where the Mustang GT was built with both a four barrel carb and a roller cam setup.  This is perfect because I didn’t want to deal with fuel injection yet, but I wanted the extra power of the roller, “HO” motor.


I rented a pressure washer to clean the motor up before working on it.  This was a questionable step; it got a lot of grime off of the engine, but it also blew grime all over my garage.  Hmm.


The motor coming out of the car.  Yes, it’s ugly.

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