Merry Christmas!

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As I learned from this video, nothing says Merry Christmas like DOGS. So here are some pictures and videos I’ve taken of dogs on my trip:

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Arg finals! I don’t even have time to go out to the Future and jury-rig a charging solution for the FZR. But the pain will be over soon. Until then, three great roadside pictures from different eras. I hope to post these entire galleries up later for posterity:

small and long

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I spotted this classic Morris Mini Clubman (?) on Telegraph Ave. in the Temescal District yesterday. It looked so sad among the autumn leaves, like the littlest beige hearse you’ve ever seen. I really wish I knew the differences between the different classic Minis, but all I really know is that every BMC brand built a few. This sliding-window wagon is cool, but for my money I’d have a classic Mini pickup truck. You know, to haul Duplo bricks and Lincoln logs around.

back from DC, let the pre-MPRE posting begin!

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I know you want to hear about the Rally to Restore Sanity. The more thoughtful of you might want to hear about my interview. Both were good, and you can read about the former all over the internets.

As always, I want to write about cars.

Here’s my new wallpaper photo, thanks to The Shiny Side via Jalopnik.

When Jalopnik posted the photo, they emphasized the simplicity of the gauges. But compared to all the vehicles I’ve owned that had no working gauges or lights, this early Porsche conveys more information than an air traffic control tower. What I love about this photo is the colors, the colors that somehow manage to be both mellow and attention-grabbing. And, of course, the polished aluminum and wood steering wheel is to die for.

I love this photo and I love this car. A Porsche 356 Speedster is very high on my list of “if money was no object” cars.

more fishtank fotography

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motorcycles are uplifting

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“I have no idea how to pose for pictures.”

end-of-weekend update

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More accomplished law students probably spend more time studying and less time messing with aquariums and workbenches.

Good for them.

I’m still trying to figure out how to take pictures of my tank that don’t suck. Here’s an attempt from today. Those are all live freshwater plants!

I also spent some time triangulating the bench to make it more laterally (left to right to left) stable.  You can see the little corner brace on the left side of this picture:

This project is beginning to take a little long so I spent some time moving some stuff around the garage, experimenting with a new layout. I’m excited to start building something that’s NOT infrastructure!

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