2009 in Review Part 4 – found a calling, crippled for life?

January 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

What would I give up to have a healthy back again?

My apartment?  My car?  Guaranteed death at the age of 70?  Let me count the ways…

This coming February will mark the two year anniversary of when I first hurt my back.  The day it happened clings vividly in my memory: I was training with the Cal Taekwondo Competition Team, and Mikey had just joined us at the time.  New to the program, he was full of praises for all of our fighters, telling everyone that they were really good and everyone was so cool and that he was really impressed with us.  We liked him.

And wanted to live up to his high expectations.  We did fast kicks on shields that day, and since I was partnered with him,  I pushed a little bit harder than I would normally have before I was warmed up.  About halfway through the drill, I fired off a fast kick with a little extra vigor, and I heard a little voice in my head say, “you’re in big trouble, buddy.”  My lower right back began to hurt for the first time.

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(tkd) 1/07-1/10: walking home safely, moving and back pain

January 13, 2009 § 2 Comments

dont let this happen to you on the mean streets of berkeley

don't let this happen to you on the mean streets of berkeley

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tkd: 1/03-1/06: ridgehand, bas rutten, reinjury

January 6, 2009 § 1 Comment


in your face

in your face

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Strikers V: muay thai/kickboxing fight night

December 15, 2008 § 2 Comments

south city high school

My dream is to climb through boxing ropes. Not necessarily to fight, just to feel what it's like.

I just got back from seeing [Koi] compete at a full contact muai thai fight night.  They had a full sized boxing ring, a big PA system, heavy security that frisked everyone down and carried guns, and ring girls to hold up round cards.

As it turned out, said ring girls ended up being very entertaining between rounds not only for their sex appeal.  They were all wearing really tall (2.5-3) heels, and on the somewhat bouncy canvas they looked various degrees of shaky.  One lady even had to change heels because she looked like she was liable to break her ankles.

The fighters were of various skill levels.  Some looked quite good and in very good shape, and some looked a little bit more nervous.  As usual, me, [Yojimbo], [House], and [Tao Zi] enjoyed armchair quarterbacking, simultaneously trying to figure out what the rules were and pointing out weaknesses in fighters that all could have kicked our asses.  Here are some interesting things that I saw:

  1. Superman punch seems kind of popular.  Not necessarily the jumping haymaker that Perry threw in his 2nd Dan test, but a sort of leaning-in, falling-in jab that doesn’t look like it has a lot of power but offers a huge amount of reach.
  2. A very aggressive fighter can overwhelm a less aggressive fighter if they are comparable in skill level.  We watched one dude basically come out of his corner swinging and it really jarred his opponent.
  3. In the first match we saw, one guy got the clear advantage in the first two rounds.  In the third round, he kept looking for a bit right hook knockout, but in doing so he was letting his guard down and got clocked pretty hard a few times.  He still won, but his apparent cockiness lost him points in the last round.

[Koi] looked uncharacteristically proud as he strutted out of the locker room to the sound of David Banner’s “Get Like Me.”  He was wearing “special fight shorts” which were brilliant white garnished with, and I’m not making this up, pink flowers.  The arena (read: high school gym, albeit very professionally set up) went crazy as two groups of his fans (ours and another one on the other side of the room) gave him our biggest encouragement.  I think he might have gotten the warmest reception of any competitor that we had seen.  His journey to the ring not been easy: not only did they change his opponent (who they had to expand his weight class 2 lbs to accommodate) but he had also managed to lose his bite guard right before his match.  Still, as he leaped over the ropes and onto the canvas, he looked quietly confident.

Punch the jump to find out what happens.

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baby got back

December 12, 2008 § 2 Comments

This post is just a pitiful rant about my martial arts injury.  Hit the jump if you’re bored.

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