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Taiwan Escape Episode 3

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Merry Christmas!

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As I learned from this video, nothing says Merry Christmas like DOGS. So here are some pictures and videos I’ve taken of dogs on my trip:

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Not a Taiwan Escape, there’s no escaping this

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How to equip your car for the zombie apocalypse.

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I can’t believe I’ve never heard of these guys, Mighty Car Mods. This 15 minute video has stellar production value and has great tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse, including an introduction of must-read books like: “How to build your own power generator,” and “Eat Shit and Live.”

TW: Taiwan Escape Ep. 2

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For episode 1, click here.

For the 2009 Great Escape trip, click here.

TW: Taiwan Escape Ep. 1

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